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Not all heroes wear capes!

We hope you are all safe and well.  Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and communication.  We are heartened to know that we are still a large part of people’s lives.

Although we operating from behind closed doors, we have been advised the government considers Neighbourhood Houses an essential service, so we won’t be going anywhere at the moment.

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Inspiring Stories

KNH would like to acknowledge the ongoing contribution, selflessness, courage and strength of our staff and volunteers.  We have many people helping out behind the scenes, offering support, resources or information.  Today, I would like to particularly mention the contribution of Sanae, Karen and Peter.

Not all heroes wear capes or play sport.  Perhaps caring for others helps us care for ourselves.

Food Relief in Kingborough

Download flyer here with current information on emergency food relief providers in the Kingborough area.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

The Premier, has announced an increased investment of $1 million in NILS (No Interest Loans) Network of Tasmania.

KNH is still providing NILS Loans by phone or email.  Please contact us on 6229 4066 to enquire about your NILS Loan.

Metro TAS Fare-Free Travel for Two Weeks

Metro has waived he $5.00 application fee for Greencard. You can logon and register through the link below:

House Party App

The House Party App – for parents with kids at home who are missing their friends and parents/students who need to study/work from home, this app is a hit at the moment connecting kids to their friends with a chat and play concept.                                                                             

KIND ACTS (Kingborough Daily Art, Community, Teaching, Support) Kingborough Council

Kind Acts will be a series of activities, ideas and resources shared via social media & online.

There will be a range of themed packs that can be sent to peoples homes including:

  • Activities to engage the bodies and minds of older residents
  • Support for Home Schooling*
  • Health and Well Being Pack for young people, &
  • Art, craft and  creative activities

*Home School Support Packs are only available to those with limited internet access.

Kingston Library – The Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt

Keep in touch with Kingston Library online through FaceBook or by clicking on this link:*F

Some of your young ones may also like to know about The Bear Hunt and post pictures to the Library.

Bear Grylls – The Great Outdoors

The Great Indoors

Bear Grylls has turned his attention to tackling boredom during the coronavirus outbreak by launching a new initiative designed to encourage children to try new activities and develop new skills.

The survival expert and Chief Scout has teamed up with the Scout movement to announce ‘The Great Indoors’ initiative, a collection of more than 100 activities that young people can do to stave-off cabin fever

You can access the Great Indoors by clicking here or going to:

Managing COVID19 Anxiety

COVID19 & Anxiety

Rebecca White – Tasmanian Labor Leader

If you would like to hear Rebecca White’s address on YouTube about the new COVID-19 restrictions.  It was  recorded on Monday 30 March.

Maybe Time for some laughs (some bad jokes, sorry…)

  • Chuck Norris has been exposed to the Coronavirus. The virus is now in quarantine for a month.
  • Mexico is asking Trump to hurry up and build the wall NOW!
  • I don’t know why my fishing mate is worried about Coronavirus, he never catches anything.
  • So many coronavirus jokes out there, it’s a pundemic.
  • Finland just closed its borders. You know what that means. No one will be crossing the finish line.


Kind Regards

Kingston Neighbourhood House Team

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